Daily Notes 

Hey Guys,

Looks like we have to plan for longer than expected. I have revised the online assignments.  I will be adding invertebrates at the end of the week. Text me thumbs up if you received this message.

3/17- Hey Parents- I know this may be difficult to navigate. Just remember, you can email me as well. I can give you my cell number at that time.

3/18 Check out the webcam from Georgia Aquarium.

3/19- Some of you miss our wonderful NATURE videos.  Don't worry, a lot of them can be found on their Youtube channel no. Just click the link. I'm currently watching Yellowstone.

3/20- Have you finished your guided not on all of the vertebrate animals? If so, you are ready to work on your trading cards all next week.

3/23-25 Finish those trading cards.  Don't forget to watch the videos on the Zoology page. Hang in there.

3/26- Let me know your reading this blog.Text me or send me an email shout out.

Daily Online Assignments

3/16- Finish reptile guided notes. Watchvideos on Zoology page about venom.

3/17-18 Complete guided notes on Amphibians. Watch Amphibian video on Zoology page (bottom)

3/19-20 Complete guided notes on Fish. Watch whale and salmon videos on Zoology page (bottom)

Dr. Erika Ijames-Wilson

Hello Everyone,

I am Dr. Erika Ijames-Wilson. If you have logged onto this page, that means you are going to learn some great things from me in science.

I have been teaching for 27 years, but this is my fifth year at Kennesaw Mountain High School.  I am so excited to be here and share my wealth of experience with the students at this amazing school.  This semester, I am teaching  Zoology.


First Day of  School
August 1, 2018
SGMs for Zoology

Kennesaw Mountain High School

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